Build Your Own Marketing Cloud Through Tag Management

Over the decade, online presence and e-commerce have gradually become the main communication and sales channel for all of our clients.  Their goal is to keep improving customer experience which should lead to optimised customer engagement and satisfaction, increased conversion ratios, as well as drive quality traffic through multiple channels.

At the core of this improvement cycle lies data. Data coming from many sources.
In many cases the data collection mechanism starts with the deployment of small snippets of tracking code – tags – either site-wide or on specific pages. This implementation process is in many projects a big challenge:

  • no priority for developers
  • long implementation cycles
  • rapidly changing technology
  • no ownership
  • no quality assurance
  • no knowledge

But if the tags are not implemented correctly, the collected data is useless!

Through the use of a Tag Management Solution (TMS), this process has become quick and efficient, and becomes beneficial for both the marketing teams as well as the development teams.

If we calculate the economic ROI of a TMS on the online business of our clients, for each client it is highly positive.

Today the use of a TMS is becoming common business. But although the first objective of a Tag Management Solution is to implement and manage ‘tags’, the opportunities for a business are much bigger!

Today, a TMS sends different data points to different solutions that are used to

You can already see from the limited list above that the different data sources are numerous and could potentially give lots of insights. Nevertheless the data and insights are still siloed in separate tools and databases. The ever challenging issue!

Through the use of a TMS however it is possible to send all these different data sets to your own private data cloud (or any other data storage infrastructure). This data set could even be enriched with any other data variables that might be needed for your business, so you are no longer limited by the data collection requirements of the different tools you use.
Once in place, you – as a business – own the data and can put any business intelligence data layer on top of your data to create whatever marketing or customer insights you need!

Do you want to see this with your own eyes?

To have a more hands-ons experience with all the theoretical approach above, MultiMinds and its partner Tealium, organizes a breakfast event – Building Your Own Marketing Cloud – on Wednesday 26 November in The Egg, in Brussels (close to Brussels South/Midi train station).
During this event MultiMinds will present how its client Mediahuis is embracing Tealium iQ for its tag management on all of its different online channels (,,, etc.). In addition Tealium will show you the opportunities for building your own marketing cloud through its Tealium AudienceStream solution, which is unique in the market.

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