Building Marketing ROI Through Monetization

Marketing ROI

When the digital analyst or online marketeers talks about common metrics and KPI’s, such as “average conversion rates” and “click-through paths”, business managers roll their eyes, not least because they don’t understand what these “things” mean. But if you can take those same metrics and translate them into real euro values, the business owners are much more likely to get excited about them.

Monetization models assign euro values to desired site behaviours, most often those directly involved in driving your overall business, and is one of the most important tools a digital analyst has. The behaviours they quantify are different for every type of company and range from easy-to-measure e-commerce sites to more difficult ones like consumer-product-branding sites.

With the below presentation, MultiMinds will show you how Monetization will help you to

  • Understand the impact of specific site behavior
  • Prioritize opportunities for optimization
  • Measure the impact of optimization
  • Focus your team to things that matter
  • Understand the online channel’s true ROI

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