Why you should start using Universal Analytics

More and more business owners start to learn the advantages that you receive by using Universal Analytics and/or a tag management solution. Tag management is getting more familiar with its audience since the launch of Google Tag Manager.
Since the launch in 2012, Universal Analytics has not really grown exponentially.Not so many companies decided to migrate to this version.
My conclusion: you do not want to use all the advantages and new features this great solution is offering offer you.

Advantages of using Universal Analytics.

First of all, Universal Analytics offers several new methods to collect and integrate data collection.
For example, one of my favourites to start with:
With Universal Analytics, you can use the New Measurement Protocol. This allows you to measure cross device and it allows you to measure online and offline applications as well.
The Measurement Protocol makes it possible to use http requests and sent over the data directly to the analytics servers.

This could be used for instance for:

A device you use in a shop which customers can use to search for product information.

  • Which product has the most searches?
  • What kind of information are your customers looking for?

Call tracking service.

  • Time registrations of incoming calls (helpdesk)
  • Registration of incoming calls
  • Even productivity of your employees 😉

Your coffee machine.

Cross device tracking and user ID

The userID mechanism makes it possible to track different sessions of the same user, if he is using for instance multiple devices.
On the condition you give a mechanism with which you can identify your visitor so you can attach a unique ID to this visitor during the session.

New and more extended configuration options

  • Improved user management.
  • Cookies (campaign cookies)
  • Usage of content groups
  • Add your own search engines
  • Custom dimensions and custom variables
  • And much more.

Enhanced E-commerce capabilities

Google Analytics e-commerce makes it possible to track product impressions, promotions and collect sales data by using a page view or event. When you use Universal Analytics you can track:

  • Product Impressions
  • Product Detail Impressions
  • Product Clicks
  • Add / Remove from Cart
  • Promotion Impressions
  • Promotion Clicks
  • Checkout
  • Purchases
  • Refunds

Finally there is one bonus reason why you have to change to Universal Analytics.

In the end, you will have no choice.
A quote of Dave Booth in an article of him published on MarketingLand:

“Remember, the upgrade is a two-step process, and this is the important part: if your account is not using anything that is not already supported in Universal Analytics, Google is going to transfer your existing classic Google Analytics web property to Universal Analytics— and they will not necessarily tell you.”

When this will happen to you, you will receive a notification in the tracking code page in your Google Analytics account. Don’t be afraid, it will not break or change anything of your existing configuration.
In the end, you will have to upgrade to the new code base.
If you are using virtual page views, event or custom dimensions (for the advanced users among you), you will have to change all the classic Google Analytics snippets on your pages to Universal Analytics snippets.
In case you need some help, I know someone 🙂

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