MultiMinds supports, a job platform for graduates

By 26/05/2016News

Kazi is a Belgian startup that aims to be ‘the’ online matchmakers for higher educated graduates. Using the site, visitors receive job offers that match their personality.

The word ‘Kazi’ originates from Swahili, which means ‘jobs’ and the idea was conceived by the consultancy group Riverrun.
Kazi’s goal is to distinguish them from their competitors using a ‘smart’ search engine which takes several factors in account, on top of the common ones that are used by competitors (resume, distance to work, etc.).
An online questionnaire analyses the characteristics of the job seeker. Afterwards, the search engine matches the results to the job profiles.

MultiMinds’ part in the project consists of data collection, KPI reporting, and providing analysis and insights on the platform and campaigns performance.
Using several custom picked solutions MultiMinds provides Kazi‘s stakeholders with the necessary insights to optimize campaign and website performance.


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