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Thursday the 9th of June MultiMinds was present at the Tealium Digital Velocity User Conference in London. During this annual event, Tealium presents its roadmap and provides a platform to its clients and partners to present successful stories and share insights. The conference consists out of two days: during the first day there are several presentations and round table conversations, meanwhile during the second day you can take part in hands-on workshops.

Here are the highlight points of the first day presentations and round-tables:

  • ‘Mobile First’ or ‘Mobile Only’ is no longer something for the far future: it’s already happening. There are, today, plenty of companies that create additional value for their customers by committing to mobile.
    Anthony Thomson, a serial entrepreneur that launched two banks in Britain, has proven that this is the case. Besides the fact that he disrupted a bank that already existed since 150 years in the UK, he’s also working towards the launch of the first mobile bank in the country.
  • Phil Bevan, who works for Vodafone, did an interesting presentation regarding optimization. The picture below shows how they look towards optimization.
    It’s a very good visualization which matches how we look at this subject at MultiMinds. Optimization is a continuous process which should happen in an structured and organized manner. The only difference in the five steps framework that Phil presented, is that we are grouping these into Manage, Measure & Monetize.

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  • Jay Calavas, CIO at Tealium, stressed that companies should acquire information or data in a way that the user or consumer perceives it as an added value to its experience with the company that does the collection.
    This seems reasonably straight forward. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of companies that look at data collection as a way to get what they want, instead of provoking users to give up their information willingly. At the end of the day, the customer of today will choose for a company which can provide the best experience.

Why should you visit Tealium Velocity?

The Tealium Digital Velocity User Conference was a great experience and provided us with some fresh angles and approaches regarding things that our clients are confronted with. It’s a must-see for everyone who (is):

  • struggling with data management,
  • would like to start with tag management or marketing automation,
  • involved with Tealium,
  • wants to get inspired by other users from all over Europe.

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