Javascript Wizard Apprentice

As a Javascript Wizard you will, one day, rule the realm of Digital Analytics, but there’s a long and treacherous path ahead of you. Under the watchful eye of our High Wizard you’ll learn the dark and mysterious arts of advanced tag management and digital analytics data collection.

Dwellers all over the land come to us to solve their data problems and they expect us to work our magic quick and effectively. To solve these problems you’ll learn how to navigate to worlds of Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Tealium. And once you gained those powers you will be unstoppable, yielding spectacular results and impressing regular folk all over.

In the end you’ll have mastered the arcane skills to create dazzling dashboards, advanced analytics configurations, and tag management implementations that are literally out of this world. And by working together with our marketing mages you’ll be able to create insane combo’s that will obliterate any data problem.

Your responsibilities

  • Work your Javascript magic to create super tight digital analytics implementations and tag management solutions.
  • As a wizard you’re always on the lookout to acquire new spells, so we expect you to level-up regularly. Innovate, experiment and play!
  • It’s not that we’re naturally lazy, but no wizard should brew the same potion twice. Identifying opportunities to automate the frack out of your dark concoctions will gain you much respect.
  • Sometimes the force is just too strong for one mortal soul to handle. You’ll be expected to bombard your team members with as much hi-potions and revives as you can muster up.
  • For every wizard, wisdom is key. Without knowledge you are nothing. Once you picked your signature skill and become an expert in your field, it’ll be time to share your knowledge and maybe even teach and train new adventurers.

What we offer

MultiMinds HQ houses a diverse group of characters, one more interesting than the other. Still, a noob apprentice like yourself shouldn’t be afraid. We’re generally pretty friendly, and if you’re a bit weird or plain socially awkward you’ll fit right in. Also we might send you on some quests to far away lands to hone your skills even further. And finally, no wizard works for free, so you’ll be handsomely rewarded in real life currency.


Javascript, JQuery




Digital Analytics


Tag Management


Mobile Experience



  • Not afraid of failure: second wind, second wind, second wind!
  • Intelligence, perception and endurance rank high on your skill chart.
  • You’re a problem solver. RTFM is a given.
  • Quality is everything, your delivery is flawless, perfect, pristine or better.

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