Are you in control of your data?

Over the past 10 years we have seen companies struggle continuously with their digital analytics environment. And they’re not just struggling with different tools, but failing to develop a sustainable digital analytics strategy. Most companies don’t have a dedicated analytics team and don’t apply any efficient processes to reach their business goals.

Now, more than ever, companies acquire tools and services in an effort to close the gaps. However, this approach tends to backfire because more time/money is spent to maintain those solutions while neglecting to perform actionable analysis to make smarter business decisions.

Does this sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, MultiMinds is your reliable partner for both short interventions and long term strategic support. We offer services tailored to your needs so that your marketing team can start using correct data, gain insights and improve ROI. We will carefully evaluate the level of maturity of your digital analytics framework and help you to outline efficient processes, build a strong team and put the right tools in place in order to reach your goals.

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Data Management Flow

Management Roadmap

Digital Maturity Assessment

The Analytics Maturity Assessment helps companies better understand the reality of where they stand with their analytics strategy, where they want it to be and how they get there. By using our model you can identify which gaps need to be filled to meet your objectives.

Business Solution Design

We guide you through the creation of a strategy to decide what data to collect and connect, in order to drive insights, business decisions and marketing investments. The Business Solution Design is your roadmap for an efficient and successful roll-out of the digital analytics framework in your organisation.

Technical Solution Design

Based on the Business Solution Design we make recommendations for the best technologies to put in place, which data to collect, and where and how to connect this data. The Technical Solution Design is a step by step implementation guide for your entire measurement platform.

Data Quality Audit

We perform a detailed audit on your tag implementation, data collection, reporting configurations and data connections. And we provide hands-on recommendations to improve your data quality. We can also improve it for you!

Tag Management

Imagine a content management system designed specifically to manage and deploy script-based tags. With only adding a few lines of code to your web pages, you manage all of the vendor tags deployed across your entire site. You can quickly and easily deploy, remove or modify any tag. We help you select the best solution and implement it together.

Training & Support

Knowledge is everything and empowering your people through eduction is a key success factor for any sustainable business? We provide tailored training courses to cover key topics. We also support you when needed, on- and off-site, for operational and business related workshops.