Moving beyond static reporting

Digital analytics is about KPI’s and metrics, with the goal to understand and measure consumer behaviour and take actions to monetize.

Although traditional web analytics is still relevant (think: conversion funnels, campaign performance, content engagement, etc.), organizations today need to resolve their marketing challenges based on insights from visitor segmentation, customer engagement and channel attribution. They need to move beyond static reporting towards a more advance data-driven approach.

Do you want to create new insights?

We will guide you beyond static reporting and dashboarding, and help you to create the insights you need to support your business decisions. Starting from the available data (owned, earned, bought, visitor data, sales data, etc.), we will build on existing results and integrate data sources. This will bring added value to your business. Let us be your instrument of success and take your digital analytics strategy to new heights!

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Measure Dashboards

Measurement Roadmap

Custom Reporting

By default, the average analytics tool includes over 200 reports. And yet, they don’t always give you the ability to focus on the data sets and combinations that are of key value for your business. MultiMinds will help you to define and setup the customized reports for your business.

Data Integration

Using only your site’s behavioural data, you won’t be able to gain detailed insights. These reports will inform you only about the ‘what’. However, by enriching the information with attitudinal data (‘why’), visitor & CRM data (‘who’) and sales data (‘how much’), you’ll be able to find the insights that makes the difference for your business.

KPI Dashboards

A KPI dashboard will be the focal point of your analysis and optimization journey. MultiMinds will assist you to build dashboards that are intuitive, actionable, shareable, and interactive, containing the KPIs that are relevant for your business.

Customer Segmentation

Digital Analytics is no longer only about visits and page views. You also need to focus on your (potential) customers and on how to engage them on the short and long term. MultiMinds will help you creating meaningful segments that can drive relevant actions.

Attribution Modelling

The customer and decision journey is not linear anymore. Therefore, you can no longer build on a first – or last – click model. Applying the correct conversion attribution models will not only provide you insights on this customer journey, but will also help you invest your campaign budget more efficiently.


You have to look beyond your own data to know if your business or your digital channels are performing well. MultiMinds will help you gather external data where possible, and analyse your results compared to your competition to get a realistic insight on your performance.