Data-driven optimization to boost your ROI

The ultimate goal for every company involved in digital analytics is, of course, to take actions based on the insights they gathered, and optimize their digital ROI. However, we can only use these insights to take actions when we are confident enough that the collected- and connected data that were defined in the business objectives are trustworthy. Analysis and optimization should be(come) an ongoing process: set objectives, collect data, analyze, optimize, and over and over again. The optimization mindset is about becoming more pro-active, from being only re-active.

It’s all about the money!

Our goal is to partner with you to get a better ROI from your analytics dataset. Based on our monetization model MultiMinds helps you to:

  • Measure total value of the purchases funnel
  • Understand the relativity in value of the digital actions
  • See ROI in context of your initiatives
  • Dynamically prioritize your strategies and tactics
  • Establish a business metrics for all stakeholders
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Monetize Dashboard

Measurement Roadmap


Through the use of monetisation models we outline a central guideline for the optimisation and prioritisation of your website and other channels. By applying monetary values to the site’s behaviour, you will be able to measure how much money and profit your online initiatives are driving to your company.

Landing Page Optimisation

The landing pages for your online campaigns are the most important online entry paths to your business, so you better ensure that these pages are converting. And that these page convince visitors to satisfy your business objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is one to complete your conversion funnels: getting the visitors to the first step of the funnel and optimising the funnel to ensure conversions are happening and increase the rate.

Traffic Performance Optimisation

Through the use of attribution models and years of experience, we help you to invest your campaign budgets more efficiently with the goal to attract more qualified leads.

Optimization Workshops

MultiMinds organises regular optimisation workshops with its clients during which different insights and recommendations are discussed. The outcome of each workshop is a priority list with different optimisation actions to take. During follow-up workshops actions are analysed, and discussed together with other data insights.

Testing & Targeting

MultiMinds helps you plan and execute an optimisation roadmap through testing of landing pages and conversion funnels. We target your audience with the proper message at the best time via the most efficient channel.