This 2-day bootcamp offers you the perfect opportunity to explore all opportunities that a Data Management Platform can bring to your organization.
Adobe Audience Manager

Do you have an Adobe Audience Manager platform and you want to get value out of it? Do you consider investing in an Adobe Audience Manager platform and want to explore its full potential?

By outlining and discussing use cases, you learn to understand the challenges and solutions that drive better customer experience. You will also gain knowledge about the implementation workflow as well as techniques to manage the end-to-end deployment of Adobe Audience Manager. And equally important you will get insights on the impact of a DMP roll-out for your organization and how to implement an efficient governance model.

And as a bonus this bootcamp offers you the opportunity to discuss your current challenges with other marketing professionals, and learn from each other.

Bootcamp Objectives

After this bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Explain the goals and benefits of a DMP solution
  • Help key decision makers to get the right understanding of the capabilities
  • Define and outline use cases based on the service blueprint methodology
  • Explain the Adobe Audience Manager implementation workflow model
  • Outline a governance model with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Implement your use cases in Adobe Audience Manager
    • Analyze use cases for algorithmic modelling
    • Setup traits, segments, data destinations
    • Apply data export controls on a destination
    • Create test groups by using the audience lab feature
    • Analyze various reports generated by Adobe Audience Manager
  • Return to your organization as a DMP champion

Who Should Attend

Based on previous events and keeping in mind the core project team for a DMP project, we have experienced that an organization gets the most value out of this bootcamp when participating as a duo: a business oriented profile and a technical oriented profile. The interaction between these 2 experts will enable them to turn strategic and operational uses cases into implementation fast.

  • Business profile: classic marketing skills like strategic planning, marketing mix and channels, with a minor technical twist and knowledge of the media
  • Technical profile: have knowledge of analytics and web/mobile technologies like coding, tag management, development. Understanding of the martech landscape.

If you still want to attend the bootcamp without a colleague, please contact us via and we’ll see how we can pair you with a buddy.


Day 1

  • Intro (2 hours)
    • What is a DMP?
    • How does a DMP fit into the martech landscape?
  • Use Cases (4 hours)
    • Discuss possible use cases for a DMP
    • Apply the Blueprint methodology to outline your use cases
  • Parallel sessions (2 hours)
    • Technical track: implementation and configuration
    • Business track: governance, change and project management

Day 2

  • Short recap day 1 (0,5 hour)
  • Implement the use cases in AAM (6 hours)
    • Setup traits, segments, destinations
    • Use the Audience Lab
    • Report on performance
    • Quality checks
  • Present and discuss (1,5 hours)

Practical Information

You can book your bootcamp spot online. We will follow-up with you afterwards to handle the administrative process. You will receive a final confirmation with the bootcamp practical details once the invoice is paid.

Are you interested in a bootcamp fully dedicated to your organization? We can organize a custom designed bootcamp that meets your requirements.

For more info, contact us via

  • Instructor: Peter Vertongen (strategic lead)/Nicolas Lierman (technical lead)
  • Course Language: English/Dutch
  • Requirements: Bring a laptop
  • Lunch: Selection of sandwiches included
  • Hours: 9 am to 5pm
  • Location: Hertshage 10, Aalst
  • Cancellations: Not refundable

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