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Google Analytics is a very powerful tool. It helps the user to make smarter decisions regarding their website by improving the ROI of marketing campaigns and improving the site to drive more profit. However, with the several reports that are available, the metrics and the dimension nominations and the segmentations it’s normal to feel lost.

Where do you start? How do you know what’s important? How to make sure that you are tracking the essential information? Have you defined your KPI’s and goals correctly? Is it necessary to add filters?
If you ever wondered about these questions, then this training was designed for you!

Training Objectives

This training will provide a step-by-step information, driving you from beginner to advanced user, while explaining the topics below:

  • Explain all standard reports and which ones are relevant for your business.
  • How to have a business mindset in your analysis and define the right KPI’s thereafter.
  • Segment data to discover new insights (advanced segments, secondary dimensions, etc…).
  • Customize reports/dashboards/metrics & dimensions to answer business questions.
  • Understand how reports fit into the conversion process.

Training schedule day 1

  • What is digital analytics?
  • How does Google Analytics work?
  • Deriving insights from standard reports
  • Measuring campaigns
  • Composing visitor segments
  • Building a dashboard

Training schedule day 2

  • A best practice Google Analytics
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Advanced reporting
  • Multi-channel funnels & attribution modelling
  • Debugging

Practical Information

You can book your training spot online, afterwards you’ll receive a confirmation email with the training details and we will send your invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will send you a second confirmation email.

An additional 10% discount will be applied when you book for 2 or more people within the same company.

  • Instructor: Niels Verbeeck/Nicolas Lierman
  • Course Language: English/Dutch
  • Requirements: Bring a laptop
  • Lunch: Selection of sandwiches included
  • Hours: 9 am to 5pm
  • Location: Hertshage 10, Aalst
  • Cancellations: Not refundable

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In this course we will teach you how to get started with Google Analytics and help you implement a digital analytics strategy.