SEA & Adwords Training Info

AdWords is a paid advertising tool that displays your ads according to bought keywords in Google. In other words, SEA is the paid search results that are displayed to your targeted audience. It is very useful to understand how you can effectively promote your products or services online. For this reason, it is very important to learn and understand the concepts, advantages, and disadvantages of SEA.

Training Objectives

This training is aimed to help getting started with Search Engine Advertising. We will explain its concepts, how it works and how to optimize it. We will show you how to effectively set up campaigns and optimize them in Google Adwords.

We designed this course to give valuable tips, how to improve campaigns and how the participants can maximize their return on investment in Google Adwords.

Show training schedule

Day 1

  • The advantages of SEO and AdWords
  • How to research and target the best search terms?
  • Which are the most important elements to optimize your website?
  • How to get your website indexed by the main search engines?
  • The importance of link building and which techniques to use
  • How to structure an AdWords account and campaigns?
  • How to use keywords research tools to identify the best terms?
  • How to create targeted AdGroups?
  • How to develop successful bid management strategy?
  • How to analyse the metrics of your AdWords campaign?

Practical Information

You can book your training spot online, afterwards you’ll receive a confirmation email with the training details and we will send your invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will send you a second confirmation email.

An additional 10% discount will be applied when you book for 2 or more people within the same company.

  • Instructor: Nicolas Lierman and Niels Verbeeck
  • Course Language: English/Dutch
  • Requirements: Bring a laptop
  • Lunch: Selection of sandwiches included
  • Hours: 9 am to 5pm
  • Location: Hertshage 10, Aalst
  • Cancellations: Not refundable

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