Google Tag Manager Training Info

Tag Management is a great tool to manage all analytics and marketing dependencies in one tool. It will minimize the need for adjustments on the server to add new analytics requirements to your website, this will greatly speed up the process of adding new tracking codes.

Using Tag Management will also make sure you have a clear overview of all the tracking code that is implemented on the website, because everything is managed inside the tag manager.

Training Objectives

In this training you will use Google Tag Manager (GTM) and you will learn how to deploy GA tags and custom tags. This tool is free and optimized for Google Analytics tags. It has support for a wide variety of events. While it is optimized for Google Analytics tags, it is also possible to deploy custom tags that are not directly supported by GTM.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to add GTM to a website.
  • Configure GTM to send data to Google Analytics.
  • Understand the Data Layer and know how to build one.
  • Create and capture custom events.
  • Understand how GTM works using Single Page Applications.
  • Understand how to configure e-commerce in GTM
  • Have hands-on experience with implementing GTM

Training schedule

  • What is Google Tag Manager?
  • Adding GTM to your website
  • Setting up a Google Analytics Tag
  • Different Tags & Trigger examples
  • Variables in Triggers and Tags
  • The Data Layer basics
  • Click events
  • Custom Events
  • Single Page Applications
  • Basic Ecommerce

Practical Information

You can book your training spot online, afterwards you’ll receive a confirmation email with the training details and we will send your invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will send you a second confirmation email.

An additional 10% discount will be applied when you book for 2 or more people within the same company.

  • Instructor: Sam Van Renterghem and Nicolas Lierman
  • Course Language: English/Dutch
  • Requirements: Bring a laptop
  • Lunch: Selection of sandwiches included
  • Hours: 9 am to 5pm
  • Location: Hertshage 10, Aalst
  • Cancellations: Not refundable

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