Not everything is as it appears

Let’s discover and activate your underlying business potential

Not everything is as it appears

Let’s discover and activate your underlying business potential

Do data insights already fuel your business?

Your company has lots of data about your prospects and customers: their contact information, transaction history, what they did on your website, their store visits, their brand loyalty, …

Are you looking for objective expertise?

As your external and impartial consultant, we cover both data strategy and technical implementation, and knowledge expansion.

We know how to activate the right data.

Data is the engine of every part of your organization. We make this data actionable and let it fuel your business.

Discover how MultiMinds can help you

Expertise for your data strategy

We provide your company with a data audit and help you come up with a clever data strategy for your business. What’s underneath the surface will be revealed - and measured accurately.

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In-company data support

Your team and ours are one squad. MultiMinds literally becomes part of your business as our team works in your offices to implement all marketing tools.

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Training in data and analytics

Our professional Academy trainers make you familiar with the possibilities of all common and cutting-edge data tools. We offer training in our training room or at your offices, wherever you prefer.

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See how we make our clients succeed

Colruyt Group

"The MultiMinds team is involved in every step of the digital analytics projects on Colruyt Group level, as well as in projects for our different brands such as Collect and Go, Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, Collishop, etc."

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NMBS International

"We let MultiMinds do an audit of our site to see how and where we could gain more insight about our visitors. They really showed us the importance of data analyzing."

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"MultiMinds improved our analytics by training our digital managers to be professional digital analysts. Our website wasn’t tagged properly and our analytics skills also needed improvement. They trained our team in Google Analytics and Google Tag Management among other things."

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We love to share knowledge on our blog

Data Collection as the first step towards Data Activation

published on 02 Mar 2018 by Niels verbeeck

In comparison to many European countries, Belgium always has been a digital marketing laggard. Last year I noticed that leveraging data-driven marketing is gaining more and more interest from big Belgian companies. In most cases, those companies already had a huge amount of data stored in a data centre or ...

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Peter Vertongen joins MultiMinds as Data Strategist for Digital Transformation & Omni-channel Marketing

published on 09 Oct 2017 by Siegert Dierickx

Peter Vertongen joined MultiMinds at the beginning of October 2017 as a Digital Transformation & Data Consultant to support the Omnichannel Analytics and Data Management Platform activities. MultiMinds is specialized in analytics and supports clients in the discovery ...

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Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Ionic and Cordova apps

published on 06 Dec 2016 by Nicolas Lierman

Recently we did a tracking implementation for a client with an online service that had both a standard website and a mobile iOS app. The app, however, was hybrid app based on the Cordova framework. It’s a technology that allows you to use standard web technologies to develop cross-platform ...

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