Our Team

Meet the team that gets up every morning in the name of objective data analysis and insight-driven action. Or even better: consider joining us!

Siegert Dierickx

Co-founder, managing partner

As the co-founder and digital analytics lead, I am committed to bringing my extensive experience to the team. My goal is to create a great company where people enjoy coming to work, have a chance to grow as part of the team, and help our clients go the extra mile.

Philippe Vlaemminck

Co-founder, managing partner

I’m a proud co-founder of MultiMinds. As a solution- and results-driven professional, I explore the edges of technology and inspire others to overcome their boundaries to achieve excellence. Tell me about your challenge, and I’ll offer you a range of opportunities.

Niels Verbeeck

Head of Operations

I empower our clients to make fact-based decisions, reduce costs, optimize budgets and drive business results. I help them achieve these goals through digital reporting, data visualization, integrating data sources and working closely together with them.

Nicolas Lierman

Head of Innovation and Acceleration

I am a creative programmer with a digital marketing background. I've been building products, designing services and doing general web stuff for over 15 years. I run the innovation track at Multiminds, which focuses on emerging technologies like data-driven marketing, AI and machine learning.

Iain Murphy

Managing Director UK

Results driven professional with numerous years experience in multichannel data mart hubs and digital marketing platforms, fulfilling numerous professional roles throughout early startup and rapid growth in international business spanning 20+ years.

Sam Van Renterghem

Technical Solutions Expert

Mostly referred to as “The Technical Guy”, I perform most of the (advanced) tracking implementations. I work closely with my marketing-minded colleagues to ensure that all the data is correct. They also support my cookie addiction, which makes working at MultiMinds a real pleasure!

Lara Vandooren

Project Manager

I support and amplify the MultiMinds team with my experience in qualitative studies together with my quantitative data background, which give me a broad understanding of marketing. I like to explore new and creative ideas that can help us meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Geoffrey Pappaert

Technical Solutions Expert

As a web enthusiast, I apply my knowledge, passion and implementation skills as our second “Technical Guy”to help Sam in his quest to assist our marketing colleagues in collecting data.

Peter Vertongen

Omni-channel strategy

Almost everything we do today leaves a digital trace. This data is valuable in creating great customer experiences, but also introduces risks when used without respect for the end user. As a strategic thinker, I advise organizations on how to unlock their full digital potential.

Jens Buelens

Data Analyst

I transform huge amounts of data into valuable insights. By applying my business and marketing skills to our clients data,I discover and explore interesting opportunities for them.

Jeroen Callens

Technical solutions expert

As a technical solutions expert, I help clients implement digital analytics solutions and configure tag management systems. My background in marketing allows me to identify interesting trends and opportunities to give recommendations in order to optimize digital marketing efforts.

Nick Van Hoefs

Data Analyst

I help customers better understand their own clients’ needs and behaviors. Together, we'll tackle the uncertainties that lie ahead and transform them into concrete numbers that reveal insights into our customers’ business environments.

Quinten Van Bever

Data Engineer

Fresh out of college, I joined MultiMinds to support the team with more technical tasks. With my software developing skills, I am able to set up infrastructures to collect, process and analyse data.

Shauni Van de Velde

Data Engineer

As a recent college graduate, I assist MultiMinds' technical team with the implementation of analytics solutions and tag management systems, with a little bit of webdevelopment on the side.

Lotte Vanryckeghem

Marketing Assistant

As MultiMinds' marketing assistant, I help by managing the company’s marketing initiatives on various types of projects. By highlighting the expertise of the MultiMinds team, we attract new clients and employees and try to continue to inspire our current clients and colleagues.

Sonmez Belge

Technical Solutions Expert

I help our clients with their analytics and tag management implementations. My background in digital marketing allows me to apply best practices in data collection. I find great joy in solving any and all logical problems despite their tricky nature. So all things data tracking is an excellent battlefield for me.

Vladyslav Kozynin

Technical Solutions Expert

As a recent graduate, in the process of looking for a place to start my career, I found a growing company called MultiMinds. After a welcoming interview, I was accepted in their ranks. Now I assist where I can, be it through data analyzing setups or back-end operations.

Kim Asselman

Business Development Manager

Moving around 20+ years in the technology business in various roles and several domains (mostly analytics and CRM). I’m aiming to build bridges between people, processes and technology to bring business value to our customers’ data. Data without insight or action is useless.

Nathalie Houtmeyers

HR Manager

I am a people minded person, one of my talents is building bridges between people on the workfloor. Human interaction is so beautiful.

Lotte Vaesen

Project Manager

My goal is to oversee MultiMinds projects so that they are delivered on time and within budget and with the correct expectations. Getting things done and keeping customers happy!