Nicolas Lierman joined MultiMinds as Senior Solution Architect since 1 June. As part of the data analytics team, he will be leading different strategic data collection and integration projects with a focus on data management, visualization, and marketing automation.

Nicolas Lierman was the first person ever worldwide who extracted data from Google Analytics through a self-developed API. He was previously Product Manager at Happy Metrix, where he developed a SAAS platform for data dashboarding. Before that, he worked as a innovation and data evangelist at Broadchoice (US), BouleVart and These Days.

Siegert Dierickx & Philippe Vlaemminck, Founders of MultiMinds: “The experience and expertise that Nicolas brings to our data team will accelerate both our quality service as our business growth. With the arrival of Nicolas, we invest in sustainable solutions to our customers’ challenges more than ever. We have a growing team, covering all aspects needed for a successful digital analytics and optimization project.”

Nicolas Lierman: “MultiMinds is a strong and attractive startup full of ambitions in and outside Belgium. With a high focus on data technology they leverage the strategic insights and make the monetization happen. In that sense, I make things happen: I translate abstract and often complex ideas into elegant solutions that go beyond initial expectations.”