Are you an experience maker?

This was the opening question from Brad Rencher at Adobe Summit 2018. Adobe once again repeated their experience message and transformed it on stage into an epic story.


We are at a unique time in history for businesses to make experience their business. Bad experiences are a real hazard for brands. This setting creates a new categorization for businesses: experience leaders and experience laggards. According to a European Forrester study, experience leaders have higher average order value, higher customer retention, higher customer lifetime value and – surprisingly (?) – higher personal employee satisfaction. So focusing on customer experience will not only result into financial success but also gives companies an advantage in the war for talent.


In today’s economy, companies have two big challenges:

  • How to master the right technology?
  • How to find the talent to work with it?

A starting point could be to identify the experience makers in your own organization. Experience makers are obsessed with the customer, they don’t take things for granted, their purpose is to create great experiences, etc. So, forget brand ambassadors, here comes the experience maker.

Adobe gave the stage to experience makers from Shell, Sky, HSBC, etc to share their experience with Adobe Experience Cloud and launch a few novelties.

I was impressed by features like Attribution IQ and Predict Propensity but what struck me the most was the vision behind Adobe Sensei and how all of the Adobe solutions blend to create great experiences. By the way, we will definitely do a separate post on Adobe Sensei – coming soon. 😉

There is no business like the experience business. So, are you an experience maker? If so, we would like to discuss what we learned at Adobe Summit over a cup of coffee.


More news on the Adobe Summit EMEA 2018 will follow shortly.
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