Adobe Summit: day 2

Lara Vandooren
Lara Vandooren

Sneaks is a yearly recurring part within the keynote session in the morning of the second day of Summit. It shows several functionalities that are under development. The Summit audience can then give feedback on each of those ‘Sneaks’. This is always the most exciting part of the Adobe Summit, and almost gave us all a nerdgasm!


This year there were 6 sneaks presented:

  1. Experience Analytics
  2. MPsneak
  3. SeeAndShop
  4. VideoAdAI
  5. LaunchSneak
  6. VRSneak

Experience Analytics:

  • This makes it possible to integrate other data sources in analysis workspace.
    Eg.: combining online and offline data within analysis workspace. The data that is imported is as flexible and customizable as the other data that we are used to in Adobe Analytics.


  • MPsneak simplifies, speeds up and offers recommendations on content, so that marketers can tailor their campaigns without losing time. Although not directly linked to our business, this tool looks very promising.

MPSneak: How Adobe Sensei (AI) helps planning your whole campaign


  • SeeAndShop offers a massive opportunity to embed product data in images to create new content driven purchases: from curated luxury brand imagery to branded beer cups in festival pictures. It can also bring product details into social posts. Sensei recognizes the products and automatically adds the information in your post.


  • To analyse and predict the impact of videos. One example that was shown during this sneak peak included how you could easily shorten a video, and the music or audio that corresponds with the video was automatically adapted as well. This would save marketers a lot of precious time. It also automatically optimizes the creatives across multiple channels.

VideoAdAi: autotag your video and predict success on your social channels – get maximum reach


Is this the future replacement of our tech guys? Kinda freaky, but it looks super promising! It’s based on AI to help you automatically tag your site. You simply have to add the domain and it will scan your site. It uses NLP (natural language processing) and based on its analysis it recognizes pages and asks questions to confirm that they recognize the correct pages. It also gives recommendations to improve your site.

LaunchSneak: Use AI to autotag your website.


  • Virtual reality to see your analytics data, in 3D. Sensei is completely integrated and helps to analyse anomalies. Something that could take you hours to detect, can be found in a few minutes thanks to the help of Adobe Sensei. The entire thing can be voice controlled as well.
  • Another feature they showed is how you can work in the same VR environment together with colleagues anywhere in the world.

VRSneak: the matrix live, controlling analytics by voice and having a chat with Sensei around your own data

Personally I got most excited about the LaunchSneak, what a magnificent new feature. Feel free to tell us which one you preferred!

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