The reason I got to love my job.

Somewhat more than a year ago, I arrived at the MultiMinds office to apply for a job in the front-end development area. I was hopeful although I had no real clue what the job was about, except that I needed JavaScript knowledge. In fact, they needed a Junior JavaScript Wizard, and the junior part was what triggered me for the job. Since I was an autodidact front-end geek, I wanted to start at the bottom and grow my knowledge step-by-step. So after a lot of courage, sweat and singing, MultiMinds offered me this great opportunity.

Singing, you ask? Yes, SINGING! If you know MultiMinds, you will not be too surprised to hear that. 2 days after I applied for the JavaScript job opening, I was invited to a Friday evening drink and karaoke!! Who could refuse a job with crazy singing colleagues! ;)

One year later I can confirm that this turned out to be the best decision I ever made. The work environment is amazing and inspiring, especially now with our brand-new office, and a great and growing team. I can still clearly remember the incredible amount of questions, pretty stupid ones at times, I had for my colleague Sam who had the patience to guide me to the understanding I have today. The knowledge I picked up is huge.

The thing I love most about my job is solving problems and hidden complexities. The main goal of my job as a Technical Solution Expert is to make sure that data on websites is captured and sent correctly to the different destinations for reporting. Sounds simple, but it's way more complex than that. The problem solving on day-to-day basis is what keeps it interesting.

Our clients are well-established brands in an international market and require us to work on-site on some projects. This enables us to have a change in environment. This combined with working on different projects simultaneously ensures we don't get stuck in client specific mindsets or habits. It keeps our view open for new approaches and opportunities we might pick up from different markets. Because of our expertise we get a lot of responsibility about the digital tracking for our clients. This responsibility needs to be handled carefully, implying that making changes on the client-side websites and mobile apps is done with a lot of QA. Quality checking the code and optimizing everything is important to minimize the performance impact of the analytics tooling on the website.

The tooling is one of the steeper learning paths, you need to get the right mindset on it. Understanding the relation between the different dimensions and metrics and how to visualize them in reporting. These challenges is what keeps my mind busy, learning new things daily and be encouraged to do so by the company. All of this is why MultiMinds is a great working experience to me.

Enough about the tasks that need to be done! That's of course an important aspect of a work environment, but the best part here at MultiMinds are the colleagues, it is pretty amazing to see how a small group of individuals can be so different yet fit together so well. The joking and the messing around is endless, even the bosses have to endure it from time to time.

The nice thing about MultiMinds is that we all like to have a laugh and that we appreciate the relax work environment in the office. Yet, we want to deliver quality to our clients and take our job very seriously.
There is no corporate boss-employee feeling. We are all colleagues working for and with each other. The Friday afternoon drinks, pool and crazy bosses do help too. And all this, are the reasons I got to love my job, there is just no other option!
So if you feel like starting a unique and crazy, interesting adventure, feel free to send us an email.