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06 Jul 2018 — Author: Geoffrey Pappaert
tags: MultiMinds, Clients, News

My first year at MultiMinds

The thing I love most about my job is solving problems and hidden complexities. The main goal of my job as a Technical Solution Expert is to make sure that data on websites is captured and sent correctly to the different destinations for reporting. Sounds simple, but it's way more complex than that. ...

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04 May 2018 — Author: Lara Vandooren
tags: Adobe, Analytics, Events, Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit: day 2

Sneaks is a yearly recurring part within the keynote session in the morning of the second day of Summit. It shows several functionalities that are under development. The Summit audience can then give feedback on each of those ‘Sneaks’. This is always the most exciting part of the Adobe Summit, ...

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04 May 2018 — Author: Peter Vertongen
tags: Adobe, Analytics, Events, Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit: day 1

Are you an experience maker? This was the opening question from Brad Rencher at Adobe Summit 2018. Adobe once again repeated their experience message and transformed it on stage into an epic story. We are at a unique time in history for businesses to make experience their business. Bad experiences ...

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02 Mar 2018 — Author: Niels Verbeeck
tags: Tag Management, Marketing

Data Collection as the first step towards Data Activation

In comparison to many European countries, Belgium always has been a digital marketing laggard. Last year I noticed that leveraging data-driven marketing is gaining more and more interest from big Belgian companies. In most cases, those companies already had a huge amount of data stored in a data centre or ...

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12 Oct 2017 — Author: Sam Van Renterghem
tags: Events

A stranger at Conversion Camp

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Conversion Camp event in the Netherlands (Utrecht). No, I wasn’t converted to anything when the day was done, but I did enjoy the various sessions that were given by the attendees. The catch here is that I am ...

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