L'Oréal: "Our team members were trained to be digital analysts"

"We do a lot of online advertising at L’Oréal. It’s important for us to know in detail what people are doing on our website so we can analyse this data and improve our ads. Since there were no real data analysts in our team, we asked MultiMinds for help."

What does MultiMinds do for us?

MultiMinds improved our analytics by training our digital managers to be professional digital analysts. Our website wasn’t tagged properly and our analytics skills also needed improvement. They trained our team in Google Analytics and Google Tag Management among other things. They also did the technical implementation of data layers and other tools on our site.

What have we achieved until now?

Thanks to the training sessions we can now analyse smaller projects ourselves. We really learned a lot from these trainings. MultiMinds taught us the basic principles we needed in order to analyse what people do on our site in a smart way. We can now optimise our campaigns to improve the return on investment.

What are our plans for the future?

For bigger campaigns we would like to keep working with MultiMinds, because their interventions are really a significant difference to us. They keep us up to date with evolutions in data analytics and let us see things from another perspective.

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