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NMBS: "We learned how to analyse our banners and blog posts in a smart way"

"Nobody at NMBS International was actively analysing online data before we met MultiMinds. We didn’t even have a real digital analyst in our team. As a consequence, we didn’t know how many people clicked on our banners or read our blog posts. Let alone we knew how to optimise this data."

What does MultiMinds do for us?

We let MultiMinds do an audit of our site to see how and where we could gain more insight about our visitors. They really showed us the importance of data analysing. MultiMinds is actually training someone from our team to become a digital analyst so we can analyse our site independently in the future.

What have we achieved until now?

MultiMinds elaborated a new data layer for us, some kind of digital container that collects all the data of the things people do on our site. We use that data for re-marketing. For example, the moment when people are ordering train tickets, but stop in the middle of their registration form. This is the ideal timing to retarget them to buy the tickets anyway.

Improvement of banners and blog posts

It’s also very interesting to know what ads appeal to people and which banners they click on to optimise and personalise them for future reference. Same goes for our blogposts. If you know what subjects people are interested in, the copywriters don’t have to waste time writing articles nobody reads anyway.

What are our plans for the future?

The collaboration with MultiMinds until now has been really fruitful. The MultiMinds team explained everything about the underlying processes in a very comprehensible manner. Which was necessary and refreshing, since we didn’t have the technical background to implement this ourselves. MultiMinds will definitely stay our partner in the long run!

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