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Data is the key. It's essential to build a good communication strategy.

UZ Gent takes care of more than 3,000 patients a day and has over 1,000 beds. The hospital offers highly specialised care. To provide high-quality care, more than 6,000 staff members are connected to the hospital. To keep guaranteeing the highest healthcare standards, UZ Gent is constantly investing in scientific research and education.

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UZ Gent is using an intranet to share loads of information on services and projects with all of the staff members, ranging from doctors and nurses, to supporting departments and cleaning staff. Considering the large amount and the diversity of employees, the intranet should be used intensively, but due to limited reporting capabilities, they lack insights on the use of it.

“Before we contacted MultiMinds, we never analysed our channels. We’ve sent newsletters and built up an intranet without knowing if our staff members actually read our messages. We didn’t know if our communication was really effective”, says Axel Braeckevelt of UZ Gent.

The intranet used is based on a top-down structured SharePoint 2013 framework and runs on-premise. They send newsletters with a build-up tool on the SharePoint environment. A smart analytics strategy would provide more insights on the needs of the employees and the ability to respond to those needs. The IT and Communications department searched a perfect tool.

“The possibilities of existing analytics tools available on the market today didn’t match our needs. Our Communication department does not have the IT skills and the time to build reports and queries in the standard Analytic tools. So MultiMinds built a customised analytics tool from scratch, one we can use for the intranet and newsletter tool of our hospital. A dashboard and some custom made reports give the figures we need in one mouse click”, says Eline Verdyck, IT Project manager of UZ Gent.

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