A driven data engineer

You’ll work together with Data Scientists and Business Consultants to translate cutting edge digital strategy and smart marketing-focused algorithms into production-ready cloud applications. In this role you’ll lead innovation through exploration, always ready to learn the newest big data technologies and passing that knowledge to your other team members. You will additionally analyse complex data systems, data flow, dependencies, and relationships in order to contribute to conceptualise the perfect architecture for newly designed solution. And as a supporting role, you’ll also setup and manage cloud based environments for our Data Scientists and Digital Analysts.

Your responsibilities

  • Designing and developing scalable ETL solutions
  • Defining and setting up cloud architecture to deploy machine learning and AI solutions into a production environment.
  • Performing data maintenance-, enrichment or data migration tasks.
  • Working with and developing Data API’s.Integration of company in-house data with CDP (customer data platform) or DMP (data management platform) solutions.

Technical skills

Business skills

Strategy skills


  • 3+ years of experience as a Data Engineer in digital marketing, IT/engineering or financial
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Dutch & English)
  • Ability to organise, manage and lead your own projects
  • Able to code in multiple languages (Java, Node, Python, …)
  • Experience with multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Knowledge of different database technologies (SQL, noSQL, Graph)
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What's on the table?

An amazing working environment with even more amazing colleagues and lots of opportunities. Learn from a diverse and experienced team of marketeers, tech guys, project leaders, …. both at the client as at MultiMinds. Our company is growing fast, and you can grow with us. Develop your personal and strategic skills, through specific trainings and events inside and outside Belgium. You’ll get an attractive salary with good benefits, a pool table, cookies and cake, and happy Fridays!

Our unique approach

As an independent partner we:

  • only look for solutions that suit your unique situation;
  • work closely with your team, in house or remotely;
  • provide no-nonsense insights and facts – we’ll give it to you straight;
  • are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.