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Becoming a privacy-first company

Blatant privacy violations have ruined the internet – and, arguably, society. Slowly but surely, public opinion and government regulations are catching up. Meanwhile, forward-thinking companies are questioning fixed ideas about collecting as much personal data as possible. To put it bluntly: the days of the unscrupulous data marketeer are numbered.

But what’s the alternative? Are a solid data strategy and compelling customer experiences possible?

You better believe it. And not only is this alternative entirely possible, this approach of a solid data strategy is also a much more efficient way of doing things – not to mention the ONLY way of doing things, sooner or later.

Your guide to privacy-first customer excellence

In this 5-part limited newsletter, we’ll explore the basics of a privacy-first data strategy aimed at creating better customer experiences. You’ll learn how to:

  • think about privacy policy as a strategic asset
  • clarify your intentions and define clear goals
  • estimate the impact of a privacy-first approach on your business
  • make informed decisions about tools and tech

“We believe in data first and foremost as a means to improve customer experiences. In other words, if your customer doesn’t benefit, it shouldn’t exist.”

- Siegert Dierickx, co-founder and managing partner at MultiMinds

Hop on board

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll take you on a 5-part journey combining rock-solid theory and practical experiments to help your company enter the privacy-first era with confidence.

Take me there, captain!