Intranet analytics platform

Improving the employee experience

Your intranet is a great way to share information with your staff – announcements, practicalities, company news, project updates, etc. Use our cloud-based intranet analytics platform to measure the effectiveness of your intranet and gain valuable insights for optimisation.

Why track your intranet performance?

In big companies, the intranet often plays a key role in getting crucial information out to either the entire staff or specific teams. However, knowing whether your message has reached your target audience can be challenging, as most traditional web analytics tools don’t have access to your company’s internal network. Behavioural data from your intranet can tell you a lot about what’s happening in your company – and what could be improved:

  • What content are your colleagues mostly looking for?
  • What’s the ideal length for an intranet article?
  • Where should I put my crucial messages for maximum visibility?
  • Are people finding relevant information quickly?

Why you'll love our intranet analytics platform

  • We can adapt the platform to your preferences and/or already existing solutions (e.g. Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBi, …) because it uses open source tools,
  • This also allows us to keep licensing costs low.
  • It’s easily scalable when your company grows, since it’s cloud-based.
  • You will be measuring relevant KPIs and gain valuable insights in no time thanks to our experience with traditional web analytics.
  • It comes with a team of experts available for any support questions, tweaks and updates – ensuring long-term satisfaction.