Server-side tracking

Why should you implement server-side tracking?

  • With server-side tracking, you don’t gather data via users’ devices or browsers, but on your own domain, such as your website. Basically, you ask your visitors for consent to track them. If they consent, you can then directly collect the user data. This data is stored on your own server, instead of Google’s. In other words: it’s a form of first-party data.
  • This is a much more transparent way of tracking. You become your own data provider, meaning you take responsibility for that data. And your users don’t give away data to an unknown third party. It’s a privacy best practice.

Should you start a server-side tracking business case?

As we are approaching the irreversible end of third-party cookies, marketers should consider the alternatives to third-party based advertising. The companies who don't act on this today will be left behind soon enough. With server-side tracking, you can take your data strategy in your own hands, and stay ahead in this fast changing landscape. We developed a tool to help you decide if server-side tracking is a valid alternative for your company.

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How do you implement server-side tracking?

Depending on your company’s size and data needs, there are a few possible approaches.

  • If you have the technical knowledge in-house, you can build your own cloud solution. However, you need a very specific skillset to set up and maintain this kind of tracking approach. So, this is really only an option for big companies.
  • The good news is that you no longer need a custom-built tool. You can opt for a vendor-created solution. There are ready-to-implement tools that are affordable, such as and Eventstream by Tealium.

What are your options to keep targeting your audience?

  • Do nothing and wait for something new
  • Opt for current innovations like log-in first, identity-based tracking or self-sovereign identity.
  • Collect the data yourself with server-side tracking.
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