How it all began

MultiMinds started in 2014 when a digital marketeer and an IT professional joined forces.

Siegert Dierckx has gathered over 11 years of experience in digital analytics and marketing in a broad range of markets. As Managing Director at KBM Group Benelux, Head of Web Intelligence at These Days, and Senior Web Analytics Specialist at OX2, he worked for clients including Toyota Motor Europe, Telenet, Nokia, Atlas Copco, European Union and AB Inbev.

Philippe Vlaemminck has over 15 years of experience in all IT related processes and data integrations for large enterprises in a pan-European context. He has worked for several financial companies including BNP Paribas Fortis, Rabobank and ING, as well as energy companies such as Electrabel and GDF Suez.

When both minds met, it turned out that both shared a vision:

  • There was a high need in the market for an independent partner
  • The independent partner should act as an agile entity within large and smaller organisations
  • They wanted to help digital and Business Intelligence teams to measure the ROI of marketing investments and gain better insights into consumer behaviour

When they decided to join forces and take the jump, MultiMinds was born.

Meet the team

multiminds team

Over the past years MultiMinds has gathered some of the greatest people in the industry and has built an unstoppable team. Each member of our team is truly unique, highly motivated and brings a wide array of skills and experience to the table.

Meet the Team