It’s all about using data to improve customer experiences

MultiMinds unlocks, analyses and activates digital and offline data so organisations of all sizes can offer better customer experiences to their customers.

Your independent data partner

We’re an independent data analytics agency. Why independent? Because we’re not in the business of selling technology, neither are we both judge and lawyer when it comes to assessing data results. Our no-nonsense approach results in honest and straightforward conclusions and advice that will help unlock the value of data in businesses by which we aim to establish long-term, trust-based relationships with our customers.

How it all started - Beer Mat Business Plan

How it all started

MultiMinds was founded by Siegert Dierickx and Philippe Vlaemminck in 2014. “After years of experience with web analytics and trends, I started to notice a clear need in many organisations for a dedicated analytics partner.” - Siegert Dierickx, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at MultiMinds.

"There was a growing awareness that marketing agencies shouldn’t be the (only) ones doing the performance evaluation, as you can’t be both judge and lawyer. That's when we decided it was time to introduce an independent alternative.” - Philippe Vlaemminck, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at MultiMinds.

Why would you need a data partner?

Navigating the data deluge

Today, every business is overrun with data, in countless different forms. But understanding which data really matters to gain actionable insights and unlock the full potential is very challenging. At MultiMinds we are determined to enable you navigating the data deluge and release its full potential.

We enable you to:

  • Focus on data use cases that enhance customer experience
  • Attain actionable insights to foster internal data culture and knowledge growth
  • Understand the full potential of customer data withing your business environment
  • Achieve greater results through improved efficiency and resource utilisation

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Your trusted partner

At MultiMinds, we adhere to a strict no-nonsense approach when it comes to data strategy. We have no stake in which technology you choose, nor in the end-results of our analysis. Our goal is simple: finding the perfect data solution for your business case.

Our focus will help you to:

  • focus on what's really important
  • determine which actions have a positive impact and which you should abandon
  • respond rapidly to customers
  • interact with customers on a more personal level

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Our unique approach

We value our independency. It allows us to give unbiased advice as we are not tied to any technology. As such, our experts only value your challenges and goals and look for the best possible solution.

As an independent partner we:

  • only look for solutions that suit your unique situation
  • work closely with your team, in house or remotely
  • provide no-nonsense insights and facts – we’ll give it to you straight
  • are happy to share our knowledge and expertise

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