Data Ideation workshops

Gathering the right data and using the right tools is crucial to elevate great customer experiences and achieve business goals. However, without a solid data strategy, these elements can become fragmented and aimless. Our strategic services will guide you through the data landscape and enable teams to navigate the complexities of data, ensuring to stay on course towards business goals.

Understand how data enhances customer experience

Our strategic services enable you to craft a data strategy for one specific digital touchpoint, like a website or app, to setting the course for your entire digital landscape.

All our strategic services put your customer in the centre of the strategy. In today’s digital landscape, customer experience is paramount. Data-driven insights are the foundation for optimising your customer’s experience. It allows you to understand customer preferences and behaviour so you can tailor offerings to their specific needs. This knowledge empowers your company to forge personalised and seamless interactions with your most invaluable asset: your customer.

The power of data-driven customer experience

Data has the power to create customer experiences that bring value to your customers and your company. Every customer interaction can be transformed in a personalised way.

  • Alignment with customer-centric goals and customer vision
  • Stakeholder and team alignment around common goals and shared vision
  • Efficient resources and tools utilisation
  • Maximising customer-centric ROI
  • Our strategic services are your compass in the data-driven landscape, guiding you towards customer-centric success.

Ready to generate ideas to enhance customer experience?

How can we help you?

Our strategic services offer you an external perspective and specialised expertise, enabling you to gain fresh insights to unlock the full potential of your customer data. Some of our strategic services include:

WWF Framework

The WWF framework, representing Why, What, and Figures, is designed to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored for digital touch-points. Our systematic approach allows digital teams to define the most important KPIs to track. Applying this method will identify objectives to progress to selecting both leading and supporting KPIs. As a result, digital teams know what they need to track and more importantly, why certain KPIs are tracked.

Data Driven CX Mapping

This technique is a visualised model of the impact of data on the customer journey. It serves as a shared language for both business-oriented and technical professionals. Our Data Driven CX mapping model combines well-known techniques from Service Design to offer an accessible framework for discovering KPIs throughout the entire customer journey.

The North Star Metric Framework

Our North Star Metric is a strategic concept to define the single most important metric for a product or entire digital landscape. As such, it’s a guide for digital landscape management, focusing on just one metric, it captures a digital landscape’s core customer value. It serves as the cornerstone for business decisions and highlights the impact of all initiatives related to your digital landscape.

Data Use Case Ideation workshop

By using various techniques like Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) we facilitate idea generation sessions to uncover use case to harness the full potential of your customer data. These sessions yield a backlog of potential use cases, thoughtfully ranked based on their potential customer value and complexity. This prioritisation allows for the strategic selection of the most valuable use cases. This ideation workshop proves particularly valuable when considering or implementing solutions such as a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Our strategic services are crafted to foster interactivity and inspire your team and stakeholder to unleash their most innovative ideas. Our aim is to unite teams and stakeholders around crystal-clear objectives, ensuring a shared vision and focused collaboration.