Activate a Customer Data Platform in just 6 weeks

Our subscription-based CDP (CDPaaS) is the perfect solution for businesses who put customer experience at the heart of their activities but feel held back to implement a traditional Customer Data Platform. Our CDPaaS makes it significantly easier to launch CDP use cases without facing hurdles related to finance, technology and resources.

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Why consider a Customer Data Platform

Discover how CDP as a Service can accelerate your data strategy! Check out our video featuring Paul de Laat, Chief Data Officer, discussing the power of our CDP as a Service solution.

CDPs collect, unify, and manage customer data from a wide range of sources. From this comprehensive view of each customer and customer segments, actionable insights emerge that allow you to optimise on- and offline experiences, increase revenue, and save costs.

The possibilities to enhance customer experiences are numerous. Typical CDP use cases include the personalisation of email and web content, improve marketing automation performance, customer segment suppression, targeted promotions, remarketing campaign optimisation etc.

Data Collection, Unification and Activation

Over the past few years, CDPs have quickly become an indispensable driver for growth in modern business. Still, access to all that power comes at a price. Businesses looking to implement a CDP face multiple challenges:

  • Lots of software companies are jumping on the CDP bandwagon, resulting a wide range of tools, often with subtle (but important) differences. Selecting the right solution for your organisation and objectives can be hard.
  • A traditional CDP represents a steep CAPEX investment of EUR 100,000 or more in the first year.
  • Implementing a CDP is a complex and lengthy process that is guaranteed to impact your daily operations.
  • Getting a CDP up and running and taking full advantage of its possibilities will require your team to adopt new skills and resources.

So, why would anyone in their right mind take on such a challenging project? The answer is simple: in our current, volatile business environment, CDPs are essential drivers for growth. They allow businesses to meet and exceed customer expectations and differentiate themselves from competition.

CDPaaS: easy-peasy data-driven optimisation squeezy

But surely, there must be a simpler way to leverage the power of a CDP? There is! Enter CDP as a Service, or CDPaaS: a subscription-based CDP solution that enables you to launch use cases fast – and without all the above hassle. In fact, CDPaaS can do everything a traditional CDP does, and adds a couple of key advantages.

  • Fast activation: Get your first use case(s) up and running in an average of 6 weeks and less than 2 months.
  • Fully managed: Don’t worry about the impact on your day-to-day operations: your CDPaaS platform is hosted in the cloud and fully managed by our experts.
  • EU data centre: Say goodbye to GDPR and privacy law pandemonium: CDPaaS runs from a Brussels-based server and is fully compliant with all regulations.
  • Clear data processing agreement: You remain the owner of the collected data. We’ll even hand it to you in a nice little package upon request.
  • Composable: Vendor lock-in is sooo 2020. If a tool works for you, we’ll make sure it works with your CDPaaS as well, so you can create your very own high-powered ecosystem.
  • Fixed costs: It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. No small font surprises, no exit costs. Just a fixed monthly subscription price, a 6-month commitment from your side, and a lot of value just waiting to be unlocked.

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Great, but what can I do with it?

Our CDPaaS empowers you to swiftly implement a wide range of popular use cases across various categories.

Decrease costs

  • Optimise remarketing campaigns
  • Upselling
  • Cross-selling
  • ...

Increase revenue

  • Optimise ad spend
  • Suppression
  • Automate marketing processes
  • ...

Improve CX

  • Personalise emails
  • Personalise website visits
  • Unify customer data
  • ...