What do your peers in marketing and IT tell about teaming-up with MultiMinds

The proof of our promise ‘Now you know’ are our customers. Since the start of MultiMinds we had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies in very different industries. But they all have the very same goal: making the right business decisions to let their company, their market share and profit grow. We asked them: "what makes MultiMinds different for you?" Curious to know why?

Colruyt Group

"We have been teaming up with MultiMinds for several years. Their team has really become part of the Colruyt Group’s digital analytics team. They are our strategic partner when it comes to data collection, analysis and optimisation of the digital channels from our many brands. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to let our knowledge grow and keep up with evolutions in the digital market in order to stay competitive."


"Before MultiMinds became our partner our data analysis was pretty basic. We didn’t have a specialised analytics team and that’s why we decided to team up with MultiMinds. We wanted to become more competitive in our industry."


Discover how our integrated dashboards revolutionised online operations and content optimization for local TV stations, as exemplified by our successful collaboration with NORTV. Facing the challenge of enhancing digital reporting and analytics capabilities across Flemish local TV stations, NORTV sought a solution to effortlessly track and analyse real-time website and content performance without the burden of manual data extraction.


Belgian health insurance provider Partenamut is on a mission to bring its services closer to its customers. How? Through an omnichannel strategy that enables them to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time, for example via personalised email messages that coincide with major life events. A challenge that has ‘MultiMinds’ written all over it.


Teva had a very fragmented external digital landscape. The range of technical and other skills required to perform analytics in a consistent manner were basically lacking. Samuel Driessen, responsible for External Digital Channels at Teva Pharmaceuticals explains:

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