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Enhancing digital competitiveness through data insights

Global pharmaceutical company, specialised in brain diseases, Lundbeck acknowledges a significant enhancement in their digital competitiveness, thanks to their partnership with MultiMinds. Before the collaboration with MultiMinds, Lundbeck's data analysis level was basic, lacking a dedicated analytics team. Recognising the need to enhance web analytics to boost digital performance of their websites, they decided to collaborate with MultiMinds.

The role of MultiMinds

Since the start of the collaboration, MultiMinds has played a crucial role in Lundbeck's data analytics activities. Responsibilities include structuring the measurement of Lundbeck's numerous sites and global social media channels. Also, technical implementation and data analysis, utilising tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, are integral components of MultiMinds' support.


KPI framework


Analytics implementation framework


Analytics implementation plan

"MultiMinds has revolutionised our data analytics at Lundbeck. Their strategic insights and technical expertise have elevated our competitiveness, enabling us to make more informed decisions and optimise our impact."

KPI and measurement framework for online channels

For Lundbeck's flagship site,, a content site catering to Healthcare Professionals on brain diseases, we developed a KPIs and a measurement framework through collaborative workshops. After this we supervised the technical implementation of the KPI framework. The partnership extends to defining KPIs and a measurement framework for Lundbeck's social media channels, with ongoing monthly data analysis and daily support.


Today, Lundbeck boasts a robust, specialised in-house team empowered to analyse data, aided by MultiMinds. These insights enable Lundbeck to discern which articles resonate with their target audience, enhancing their effectiveness across digital channels.

Future plans

MultiMinds continues to be a strategic partner, offering support not only at a strategic level but also in the technical implementation and analysis of Lundbeck’s digital channels.

Some of the plans involve Server-Side Tracking, revamping the dashboards, and offer personalised recommendations to identified users on the website.

In essence, the collaboration between Lundbeck and MultiMinds has not only elevated Lundbeck's analytical capabilities but also positioned them to navigate the evolving landscape of various industries with a competitive edge.