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Colruyt: "The perspective of an external partner is crucial to move forward"

"We have been teaming up with MultiMinds for several years. Their team has really become part of the Colruyt Group’s digital analytics team. They are our strategic partner when it comes to data collection, analysis and optimisation of the digital channels from our many brands. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to let our knowledge grow and keep up with evolutions in the digital market in order to stay competitive."

What does MultiMinds do for us?

The MultiMinds team is involved in every step of the digital analytics projects on Colruyt Group level, as well as in projects for our different brands such as Collect and Go, Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, Collishop, etc. They give us strategic support and guidance when it comes to KPI definitions, customer behaviour analysis, optimisation of landing pages, check-out processes and campaign attribution. They also play a vital role in operational actions such as implementation and configuration of different marketing tools.

What have we achieved until now?

Increased efficiency of the data collection process

We managed to increase the efficiency of the data collection process and improve our data quality. A consistent measurement framework and the rollout of the Tealium iQ tag management solution, which was led by MultiMinds, resulted into better insights in the customer journey and e-commerce performance. In addition, we have become less dependent of release cycles and are now able to test and roll out any marketing technology faster, which gives us a competitive edge.

Improved efficiency of campaign tracking

MultiMinds raised our awareness about the importance of data and analytics in campaign evaluation within our different brands. Through a number of workshops they created a more open data-driven culture. We now permanently optimise the customer journey, starting with campaign tracking. This was a crucial step in installing an ROI way of advertising.

Improvement of our shopping carts

Our ultimate goal is to make sure the shopping experience of our customers is as good as possible. Together with MultiMinds we investigate which components to add products to a shopping cart are used the most on the Collect and Go site. Which is interesting for us to prioritise improvements and work on better customer experiences on our platforms.

What are our plans for the future?

We want to continue our extensive collaboration on a continuous basis. The perspective of a strategic data partner as MultiMinds is crucial to moving forward as a company. They helped us see the bigger picture, something easier to accomplish with the help of people from outside the organisation. Furthermore, we will focus on mobile and data management platforms with respect to the omnichannel customer experience. MultiMinds will also coach other teams and brands at Colruyt Group so they can discover what their needs are and act on them.

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