Data Innovation & Acceleration Lab - DIAL

DIAL: A for acceleration… and adventure!

Do you believe that new technologies are key to staying ahead of the competition and generating value for your customers? Do you want to be at the cutting edge in your industry? Are you eager to accelerate your digital transformation and modernise your data architecture and strategy?

Then our Data Innovation & Acceleration Lab – DIAL for short – is where it’s at. Here, adventurous spirits like yourself and likeminded minds at MultiMinds meet to push the boundaries of digital technology.

Together, we’ll:

  • Boost digital acceleration in your organisation
  • Build up and share expertise in emerging technologies
  • Modernise your data architecture and strategy

The method to our madness

With DIAL, our aim is to detect market evolutions and new technologies ahead of time and future-proof organisations against tomorrow’s challenges. Our focus will be on open source technology and first-party data, tooling, and ownership.

For now, we’ve defined 1 main area that is likely to impact customer experience:

  • Web 3.0
    • AI & machine learning from a customer perspective
Learn more about these innovations in our latest videos.   

Web 3.0: taking back control 

Introduced as the biggest technological revolution since the dawn of the Internet, Web 3.0 is a decentralised, open, and fair Internet where regular consumers take back control of their data, identity, and agency. Existing fundamentals will be replaced by decentralised applications.

Say goodbye to the predatory ways in which customer data is handled today, as traditional ad-based models make way for new approaches that put the customer in the driver’s seat. Blockchain, distributed ledgers or file systems, and decentralised protocols like Polkadot, Baseline, and others will usher in a new digital era where customer experience is front and centre.

Needless to say, Web 3.0 is at the top of our list of ‘new innovations we’re excited about’. With DIAL, we aim to become a top player in Web 3.0 and guide organisations into this new and exciting online chapter.

Digital acceleration: innovation with a plan 

Jumping into new technologies before anyone else requires a lot of courage. And a plan. That’s why our early adopter clients get one or more innovation workshops to explore the opportunities and challenges of the latest innovations and help them stay competitive.

In addition, DIAL will help you build a strategic roadmap, consisting of incremental steps that will ultimately yield big results. In this way, we want to support our customers in becoming future-proof and accelerating their digital transformation.

Are you brave enough for DIAL?