The Future of Data Constellations

Welcome to “The Future of Data Constellations: Guiding Your Strategy with the North Star Metric”, an event that illuminates the path to a data-centric future. In this digital age, data governance and ownership are the twin pillars that uphold your data strategy, guiding you towards your North Star metric.

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VIP event 25 April 2024

Discover why customer data governance and ownership are essential to reach success

This event will delve into the intricate dance between IT and marketing, two departments that must move in harmony to create a data-driven symphony. We will discuss the importance of alignment among various stakeholders and management, all orchestrated by the North Star metric.

Moreover, we will explore the role of customer data architecture as the enabler for a superior customer experience. Like the constellations guiding sailors in the night, a well-structured data architecture lights the way towards enhanced customer engagement.

Paul de Laat will highlight the implementation of data ownership frameworks within both British Gas and C&A. This initiative significantly transformed the dialogue between technology, data analytics, marketing, and business functions, facilitating the creation of robust architectural frameworks and fostering collaboration while driving strategic alignment.

Our esteemed client Dechra Pharmaceuticals, through their Head of Digital Marketing, will share their journey towards becoming more data-driven, guided by their North Star Metric.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals is a global specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals. Their purpose is the sustainable improvement of global animal health and welfare. With their expertise in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of high-quality products they support Animal Healthcare Professionals worldwide.

Philippe Vlaemminck, co-founder of MultiMinds, will discuss the powerful impact of AI in data governance, customer data architecture, and digital marketing strategies. Through engaging examples and insights, Philippe will demonstrate how AI can optimise operational efficiency and drive innovation in these key areas. Philippe will inspire you how AI can help drive your organisation towards success in the digital age.

Why should you attend this event?

Join us for an exclusive dinner event on Thursday April 25 at golf club De Kluizen in Aalst.

  • Discover why Data Governance and Ownership will drive success.
  • Understand how IT and Marketing can work together in symphony. 
  • Learn why Customer Data Architecture plays a pivotal role to enable meaningful customer experiences
  • Get inspired on how Dechra Pharmaceuticals created meaningful data-driven experiences, touching veterinary professionals worldwide in heir professional development.
  • Network with other customer data enthusiasts to discuss mutual challenges, failures and successes.

Join us for this exclusive event to get inspired and connect with other customer data professionals. We would be honoured by your presence to this event and hope to see you there.

Paul De Laat
Paul de Laat

Keynote speaker

Paul de Laat has forged a diverse career path across multiple industries, particularly in prominent multinational corporations immersed in data-rich environments. Throughout his professional journey with Esso, Thomas Cook, Telefonica, Vodafone, Lloyds Bank, UK retailer John Lewis & Waitrose, utility company British Gas and clothing retailer C&A, Paul has undertaken pivotal roles driving transformational initiatives. His responsibilities consistently revolved around the strategic collection, meticulous organisation, and insightful analysis of data, culminating in the conversion of these insights into actionable commercial or operational strategies.

Thomas Molenaar
Thomas Molenaar

Keynote speaker

Thomas Molenaar is an experienced digital marketing professional currently serving as the Head of Digital Marketing at Dechra Pharmaceuticals. With a passion for digital strategy and customer-centricity, Thomas leverages technology as an enabler while prioritising the needs of individuals. He excels in crafting innovative solutions, utilising data-driven insights and fostering a customer-centric approach. Thomas's leadership skills, collaborative nature, and commitment to people-first marketing have driven digital transformation within organisations.

Practical information

Location: Restaurant Controverse @golf club de Kluizen (Zandberg 6, 9300 Aalst (BE))


17:00 Beginning of the evening with a golf initiation.
18:00 Apéritif and networking opportunity.
18:30 Welcome speech by our Co-Founder Siegert Dierickx.
18:45 Inspirational talk by Paul de Laat.
19:30 Private dinner at Golf Club De Kluizen.
20:00 Presentation of a client case study by Thomas Molenaar, Head of Digital Marketing at Dechra Pharmaceuticals.
21:00 Inspirational talk by our Co-Founder Philippe Vlaemminck about how AI can help drive your organisation towards success.
21:30 Extended networking session, opportunity to engage with peers and discuss mutual challenges.