Recorded webinar - Server-Side Tracking: Collecting High-Quality Data in a Cookieless World with Colruyt Group

“Cause we are living in a cookieless world, and I am a cookieless marketer.”

It might not be exactly what Madonna sang, but just like the material girl from the original, marketers and data analysts need to adapt to stay relevant in today’s cookieless world.

Are you wondering how to measure users' online behaviour accurately without relying on third-party cookies? Let's embark on a journey with Devid Dekegel, Head of Digital Analytics at Colruyt Group. We’ll discuss the business case of server-side tracking and cover the solution architecture allowing Colruyt Group to harmonise and activate user behavioural data across 20+ brands and 75+ websites.

Recorded webinar Server-Side Tracking 27 February 2024

What to expect in the recorded webinar

  • Understanding Server-Side Tracking: Unveiling the significance of server-side tracking in today's organisational landscape and why it should be on your radar.
  • Implementation Strategies for Server-Side Tracking: Exploring diverse approaches to seamlessly integrate server-side tracking within your organisation.
  • Case Study: Colruyt Group's Success with Server-Side Tracking: Delving into the real-world business case of Colruyt Group, illustrating the tangible benefits derived from implementing server-side tracking.
  • Unpacking Colruyt Group's Solution Architecture: Dive into the details of how Colruyt Group harmonises and activates user behavioural data across 20+ brands and 75+ websites.

Why should you watch this recorded webinar?

With Google disabling third-party cookies and traditional tracking setups quickly becoming obsolete, this webinar is your compass for navigating the evolving digital landscape. Gain a clear view of how to leverage these changes to modernise your digital data stack.

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