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Case: Tealium IQ Applied at Mediahuis

Originally, Mediahuis suffered frustration with the time consuming process of manually deploying, maintaining and updating tags across their websites, and the errors that could result. Installing a new marketing tag could take up to 4 weeks. The merger between Mediahuis and Concentra introduced further sites into the portfolio, creating another level of complexity with different processes and measurement.

The Digital Traffic Centre at the newly formed Mediahuis wanted consistency and the same environments across all the sites, creating a single view of reality through a tag management solution (TMS). Ultimately, Tealium iQ was selected for its extended tag library of over 700 vendors, flexible event tracking and extensions functionality, and ease of use.

The Tealium iQ solution helped the Digital Traffic Centre at Mediahuis to generate:

  • a clean data layer that has had a positive impact from day one
  • increased flexibility to test solutions and launch campaigns
  • a reduction in time to deploy marketing tag from 4 weeks to half a day
  • a successfully deployed behavioural data tool within a couple of days, something which would previously have taken months.
  • a consistent view across all web and mobile sites