Celebrating One Year MultiMinds

One year ago exactly, a marketing mind and an IT mind officially joined forces. The first one had over 12 years of experience in digital analytics and marketing in different market verticals.The second one had over 15 year of experience in all IT related processes and data integrations in large enterprises (especially banking), in a pan-European context.

At that time, both minds shared the same vision that:

  1. there was a high need in the market for an independent partner,
  2. that could act as an agile entity within large and smaller organizations,
  3. to help digital and BI teams to measure the ROI of marketing investments and gain better insights in consumer behavior.

We took the jump, and MultiMinds was born!

As every startup, we had set some ambitious targets at the start. “In 5 years, we will have a team of 10 minds” was one of them. In less than 1 year, the initial team of 2 minds became a team of 6 minds! All full-time and on our payroll. But even more important, and which makes us very happy and proud, each breathes the same spirit and vision!

In a very short time our vision and approach triggered some leading brands in the Benelux and beyond. MultiMinds is extremely proud to have partnered within only 1 year with – and the order is alphabetical – Colruyt Group, European Commission, Lundbeck, Mediahuis, National Lottery, Proximus, Red Cross, Selexion, and Vacansoleil. We want to thank every one of our clients for the trust, and we hope to continue the partnership for many years to achieve many outstanding results together.

During this first year MultiMinds was also nominated for the Flanders Future Award of Bryo (startup scene within Voka), and the Voka Ambassadorship for our region. In both competitions we managed to finish second. Both awards not only created high visibility for our brand, and confirmed we are on the right track, but also challenged and triggered us to continue the hard work and keep on improving on all levels.

So looking back it was a great year! Better than we had imagined at the start. We worked hard, and we played hard!

And what’s next?

  • We have some challenging projects in the pipeline but our main priority is to keep providing the best quality service to our clients, and close the data loop with them of data collection, measurement, real-time optimization, BI and CRM integration and predictive analytics.
  • We will further fine tune our monetization framework.
  • We will work on our marketing and communication: a new site will be launched this summer, our training services – The MultiMinds Brain Wave – will get a big focus with at least 1 training or workshop per quarter, and
  • we will share more knowledge with you on our Blog.
  • The MultiMinds team will definitely keep on growing with more measure minds, with multi talents, and big ambitions.

You can find us at the bar