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DIAL: MultiMinds innovation lab

As our customers will confirm, MultiMinds has always had a strong focus on innovation. Our solutions don’t just fix problems customers face today. We’re helping them think ahead and prepare for the future as well. But innovation never ends, which means we need to keep moving forward. That’s why we decided to create an innovation lab, whose sole purpose is to drive innovation. We call it DIAL: Data Innovation & Acceleration Lab.

What is DIAL?

The main purpose of DIAL – Data Innovation & Acceleration Lab – is to drive innovation within our offering and stimulate digital acceleration for our customers. The vision of DIAL is to build know-how of emerging technologies to help customers modernize their data architecture and strategy. It will ensure that both MultiMinds and their customers remain at the cutting edge in the industry.

Digital acceleration

Many companies are hesitant to jump into new technologies too quickly. DIAL will help them build a strategic roadmap that will show how small steps yield big results. DIAL aims to look 5 to 6 years into the future, and strategically support MultiMinds’ customers to take those small steps.

“Recent research by VOKA shows that almost 70% of Flemish companies struggle with their digital transformations. This means we’re falling behind in terms of digitalization. With DIAL, our goal is to develop data acceleration on a strategic level. In doing so, we’ll be able to help companies that want to start with Machine Learning or AI, but don’t know where or how to start. We’ll identify tomorrow’s market evolutions and develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of the future.” – Siegert Dierickx

Future innovations

DIAL will detect market evolutions and new technologies ahead of time, and make sure our offering is adapted to the challenges we will face in the coming years. The team will primarily focus on open source technology, and push a first-party vision. So, what kind of innovations are we talking about?

The roadmap for the first year focuses on three main areas which we expect will see a breakthrough in the near future:

Innovation workshops

The DIAL team will have the freedom to experiment with these new technologies, in order to come up with new services to help our customers. We will identify, test and evaluate new solutions, and provide training to our technical implementation team. Once these technologies have been validated, DIAL will hand over these projects to the implementation team, and move on to the next focus areas. This will ensure that we always stay a few steps ahead of the curve.

What does this mean for our customers? We will hold innovation workshops with early adopter customers who we think would benefit from these innovative solutions. These workshops will help them with their digital acceleration and with staying competitive.

We're hiring!

Since we're so ambitious about DIAL, we're looking for smart and innovative minds to reinforce our DIAL team.

If you think you have what it takes,

Web 3.0?

One of the focus areas of DIAL is Web 3.0 : a decentralized, open and fair internet where regular consumers take back control. Control of their data, identity and agency.

It will be the biggest technological revolution since the dawn of the early internet. Decentralized applications will replace existing fundamentals. The combination of decentralized protocols (Polkadot, Baseline, etc.), blockchain and massively distributed ledgers or file systems will usher in the new era of the internet.

The way we exchange, buy, sell or interact with customer data today will be a thing of the past and traditional ad-based models will start to fade in favor of newer models where the consumer is in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, all this will have a huge – positive - impact on the customer experience.

DIAL wants to make MultiMinds a top player in Web 3.0, guiding companies into this new era of the internet.