MultiMinds for Voka’s Flanders Future Bryo

2014 has been a great year for MultiMinds! We kicked off in July, entered our new offices in Aalst in September, established a very nice client base during our first 6 months, and we hired our first full-time employer at the start of 2015. So far this (short) adventure has been great, and but of course there is a long road ahead of us and our ambitions are even stronger than ever.

Our motivation to continue in making MultiMinds a success story became even bigger with our recent nomination for Flanders Future Bryo by Voka!!

Bryo, part of Voka, stands for ‘BRight & YOung’. It is a project designed specifically to provide assistance for pre-starter projects and start-up companies, and is currently being developed in Flanders (Belgium). The goal of this project is to recruit 240 new candidates each year, and by providing stimulation and assistance, lead to the creation of 50 new companies per year.

Each year Bryo selects 9 companies with high potential in the market, from the 240 active members. The selection was made by Bryo, its partners and by experts and role models from the Bryo netwerk and resulted in 3 nominees in 3 different categories: Bryo Rookie, Bryo Creative Highlight and Flanders Future Bryo.

MultiMinds is very honored to have been selected for this last category! But of course, now we want to win, and we need you to vote for us!

How to vote? Follow the process below. It may take 2 minutes of your time, but each vote is important and we would appreciate it big times!

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Fill in your personal details, and send the form
  3. You’ll receive an email (check also your spam folder), with a link to click
  4. On the new page, create a password
  5. Time to vote: go to the Flanders Future Bryo category, select MultiMinds and vote! Of course you can watch our pitch video as well, or watch it at the bottom of this post.

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Make some noise

And while you are logged, please also vote for our Bryo colleagues, and very nice friends, Zonen09 within the Creative Highlight category and NextApps within the Rookie category!