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What does a Digital Analytics Consultant do at MultiMinds?

Lara is a Digital Analytics Consultant at MultiMinds. She found a job thanks to an enthusiastic acquaintance that believed in the future of digital analytics. We let her speak.

What do you do as Digital Analytics Consultant?

My job is incredibly versatile. On a typical day, I work together with the client to help them understand data and improve things such as their marketing campaigns, their website performance or email strategy. We help them by translating complex data into actionable insights, by creating clear reports or interactive dashboards. But we also help them roll out a digital strategy, train them to use analytics tools and much more.

Do you like your job?

I love it! We have an awesome team full of motivated consultants, technical as well as business oriented. Working with different clients makes sure I never get bored, and always leads to new challenges. We also get a lot of responsibility from day one, really helping us to push our boundaries and learning a lot from hands on experience. Making a mistake is never seen as a bad thing, but as something that helps you learn and improve. Starting as a juniors here is not about fetching coffee, but about learning and experiencing the digital world as soon as possible.

How did you become a Digital Analytics Consultant?

I was always attracted to being a consultant, because I can easily get bored when doing the same task day after day. I learned from many student jobs that a regular office job wasn’t my thing... So, when I started looking for a job I was immediately looking into consulting. Given my studies (marketing and then data analysis), the job for digital analytics consultant was exactly what I wanted to do.

How do you keep your knowledge up-to-date?

Working in an environment where everybody has a passion for digital analytics is really empowering. We are always learning and looking for new opportunities. The digital analytics world moves fast, so we always keep an eye on the latest trends and tools. There is a lot of self-study involved, and hands-on experience. We also each have a training budget, that we can freely use for different trainings. This can go from an Adobe Analytics training to a training about presentation techniques, anything that can help us improve in our job. Learning from colleagues is a very important source of knowledge as well. We often have Friday sessions to share our knowledge about specific tools or projects, or we simply book one-to-one meetings with each other to share knowledge.

What trends do you discover today in digital?

Businesses are starting to mature when it comes to digital analytics. This gives us many opportunities to start going “the extra mile” when it comes to projects. Many companies really start investing in AB testing and personalizing their website, apps or marketing campaigns. Real-time personalization is really booming. Many companies are also implementing full Data Management Platforms, creating a fantastic data platform to connect and handle all channels.

What are your ambitions?

I love doing the hands-on work as a consultant, so I definitely want to keep this position. But my ambition is to shift more into the data science world. It is well-known that data science is becoming more and more important, and you can really do cool stuff with it. Currently I am training myself in Python, so that I can become part of our data science team that we are currently developing at MultiMinds.

What tips do you have for starting Digital Consultants?

Really try to get as much hands-on experience as possible. Learning theory is great as a basis, but you learn so much more from doing things yourself. Also, never hesitate to ask senior colleagues for help and information. Conferences or un-conferences are great as well, they help you learn and discover many topics. Talking with fellow digital consultants is always interesting, for example at MeasureCamp. And never be afraid to make mistakes or start a task that you are not sure of. Learn by doing.