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Tech stack tips: Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud brings together a suite of apps and services to help you manage the entire customer experience. Whatever your challenge – retrieving insights, optimising content, increasing engagement – this platform lets you harness the power of real-time data and scalable personalisation to pursue your business goals with unrivalled CX.

Adobe Experience Cloud consists of several modules, three of which are discussed below:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Real-Time CDP
  • Adobe Target

MultiMinds is a vendor-independent company. Which means we provide the right tools based on your needs, goals and current toolstack. In Tech stack tips, we break down the tools we like and use, so you can make an informed decision about implementing them.

Adobe Analytics

Customer journeys offer an unlimited source of insights. Use Adobe Analytics to mix, match and analyse data drawn from every stage of the journey. From applying basic web tracking principles to creating a data-driven culture where every action is based on insights – Adobe Analytics is the key that will open the door to data heaven.

What's in it for you?

Get started with web analytics
Easily turn web data into valuable insights your teams can act on.

Go the extra mile with marketing analytics
Merge data from any channel to generate real-time insights and build a 360° customer view.

Harness the power of attribution
Take advantage of powerful attribution features to delve into conversions and invest accordingly.

Think ahead with predictive analytics
Reveal hidden opportunities with Adobe’s far-reaching AI and machine learning capabilities.

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform provides marketeers with a wide range of advanced data management capabilities to collect, normalise, and govern both B2B and B2C data. Use it to aggregate data into fully-fledged, real-time profiles that can be triggered across all channels.

What's in it for you?

Rely on a single, uniform data format
Collect and unify data into a standard taxonomy that can be activated in real time.

Gain actionable insights for B2C and B2B
Immediately respond to customer events to ensure timely, relevant experiences across all channels.

Put privacy and data governance first
Use patented tools to guarantee responsible marketing, giving customers greater control over their data in return.

Discover new sales opportunities across different lines of business
Blend B2C and B2B data to construct hybrid profiles based on attributes and behavior of consumers as well as professionals.

Adobe Target

There’s no point in guessing at what your customers want. Use Adobe Target to leverage AI-powered UX testing, personalisation and automation at scale in order to target the right customers with the best experiences.

What's in it for you?

Make it personal for everyone
Provide the best experience across every channel thanks to our unified, progressive profile.

Step up your UX testing
Develop a truly unique brand experience through continuous testing and optimisation.

Finalise experiences with AI
After you test experiences, personalise and improve them with AI-powered automation at scale.

Why we like Adobe Experience Cloud



Make informed decisions based on relevant data and insights.

  • Collect data from any stage in the customer journey into a single view.
  • Analyse the right data according to the needs of your audience in a digital, cookieless world.
  • Personalise activities on every channel based on real-time profiles.


Deliver unique, appealing and personalised experiences that drive engagement.

  • Transform raw data into robust customer profiles with AI-driven insights.
  • Identify what works for your audience by continuous testing and optimising.


Create connected experiences that keep customers coming back.

  • Deliver consistent, omnichannel campaigns and manage them from a single application.
  • Optimise the entire customer journey with intelligent insights.
  • Adapt the experience to your customers in real-time.