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Tech stack tips: Amplitude Product Analytics

Amplitude is a digital optimisation tool, helping you to analyse and predict the performance of your digital products, such as your website, mobile app or user platform. This SaaS tool offers a 360° insight in your digital products and customer experience, and tells you how you can improve your business outcome.

MultiMinds is a vendor-independent company. Which means we provide the right tools based on your needs, goals and current toolstack. In Tech stack tips, we break down the tools we like and use, so you can make an informed decision about implementing them.

Out of the loop on product analytics?

Amplitude is a product analytics tool. Check out our Tricks of the Trade video and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

How it works

There was a time when a web analytics tool was all you needed to map customer behavior on your website. But in this day and age, digital products are far more complicated. Getting actionable user experience insights requires a new approach.

Product analytics tools like Amplitude help you gain deep insights into customer behavior to understand what drives impact. Product and customer behavior data are analysed holistically to tell you why your customers behave in a certain way.

These insights will lead to concrete actions on how to improve, change and continuously innovate your digital product. Plus, they will help your company grow and achieve your business goals. The era of digital transformation has changed the digital landscape. And now digital optimisation will drive the next wave of innovation.

Why we like Amplitude

360° insights

Most analytics tools are limited to certain parameters. Amplitude offers a complete overview of the digital journey: engagement, cross-device journey, retention, repeat purchases and much more.


Amplitude provides relevant, clear and accessible insights, allowing digital teams of any size and experience level to answer complex customer experience questions.


Continuously innovate and optimise your digital products and customer journey with actionable insights. Amplitude allows you to measure and pinpoint improvement opportunities exactly.