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Tech stack tips: Lytics

Lytics is a CDP aimed at mid-size businesses and global enterprises that want to build personalised customer experiences across multiple channels. The tool uses machine learning to create actionable user profiles based on first-party data. These profiles allow marketers to segment their audience based on interests and behaviours and present relevant offers.

MultiMinds is a vendor-independent company. Which means we provide the right tools based on your needs, goals and current toolstack. In Tech stack tips, we break down the tools we like and use, so you can make an informed decision about implementing them.

“Wait, what’s a customer data platform again?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How it works

Lytics Customer Data Platform’s suite of tools consist of Lytics Conductor, Lytics Cloud Connect and Lytics Decision Engine.

  • Lytics Conductor lets you create unified customer profiles from various data sources and customer touch points, e.g., e-mail, CRM, website, points of sale, etc. These profiles and their activities can be synced into your cloud data warehouse of choice: Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Redshift. This gives you maximum control over personally identifiable information (PII), making it easy to stay compliant with data privacy legislation.
  • Lytics Cloud Connect enables you to take customer data from your data warehouse to create highly specific segments in your ad networks, e.g., Facebook Ads, Google Ads (YouTube), LinkedIn, etc. This lets you create holistic customer experiences without the need to build or maintain multiple connectors.
  • Lytics Decision Engine puts those unified customer profiles to work, by helping marketers create the right audience for the right campaign. This AI-driven tool identifies predictive behavioral clues and content affinities, enabling you to strengthen customer connections, target more precisely, and spend smarter.

Why we like Lytics

First-party focused

Create unified and actionable customer profiles by connecting data sources – without being too ‘big brother’.

Easy to use

Query your data warehouse with SQL and build rich audience segments without moving or duplicating data.

Beyond customer 360

Get data-driven insights with Lytics Decision Engine and execute highly optimised marketing campaigns.