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Tech stack tips: Salesforce Datorama

Datorama is an effective reporting and dashboarding tool to gain the right insights from your data and generate real value for your company. It gives you a real-time, holistic view of your marketing performance, by region, by channel, by everything.

MultiMinds is a vendor-independent company. Which means we provide the right tools based on your needs, goals and current toolstack. In Tech stack tips, we break down the tools we like and use, so you can make an informed decision about implementing them.

How it works

Datorama gives you a real-time, holistic view of your marketing performance, so you can allocate your resources strategically. You can get insights for each channel, region, campaign or any other parameter.

Is a certain campaign working on one channel but failing on another? Is one segment of your audience not converting as well as expected? Datorama allows you to dive deeper into the data and figure out why. This type of real-time, cross-channel measuring allows you to identify trends as they develop.

Datorama is designed to kickstart marketing analytics and reporting. Staying connected to your customers is crucial in the age of digital acceleration. When budgets are limited, you need to maximise your ROI with visibility, performance tracking and optimal media investments.

Get started with our Datorama Jumpstart Package

Media Performance Optimisation

Profit from our support and expertise in setting up and applying the platform with our Datorama Jumpstart Package. Start optimising marketing ROI and media investments immediately, with our quick and affordable package, delivering fast time to value.

Who is it for?

Small, medium and large companies who have limited visibility on cross-channel marketing performance and need to get up and running with Salesforce Datorama in a fast and aordable way, while also deploying any tooling.

What's included?


  • Datorama Licenses for the first year - Starter Edition
  • Scoped Implementation and setup in 45 - 60 days

Best-in-class support

  • Dedicated project manager and specialist from MultiMinds, a Datorama-certified partner
  • Kick-off and discovery sessions on vision and requirements
  • Active training sessions and access to self-guided training
  • Final review and next-step resources

Out of scope

  • Additional channel resources (e.g. search, organic social, offline)
  • Planning data from buy-side platforms
  • Custom coded widgets
  • Custom KPIs or metrics (calculated measurements)
  • User/log/cookie-level data
  • Integration of custom APIs

See for yourself! Watch our Datorama webinar

MultiMinds’ Siegert Dierickx and ING’s Frédéric Martins take a deep dive in data analytics and explore how Salesforce Datorama drives business objectives, improves MROI and transforms and optimises marketing performance, business impact and customer loyalty.

In this video, you can expect:

  • An introduction to marketing intelligence
  • An inside view of ING's implementation of Datorama
  • An exclusive offering from MultiMinds and Salesforce

Why we like Datorama

Integrate and harmonise

  • Connect and unify all your marketing data effortlessly.
  • Integrate all your different marketing channels automatically in one platform.
  • Use the right tools to transform this data into one cohesive data set.


  • Extract insights and create visual dashboards.
  • Automatic reporting to stakeholders via e-mail, pdf etc.
  • AI-powered technology automatically maps and models all your data sources.


  • Goals: achieve your objective and reach the number of requested clicks or impressions.
  • Alerts: monitor your goals and get notified when the number of requested clicks or impressions drops below a certain value