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Tech stack tips: Tealium

Customer data platforms, or CDPs, are central to offering personalised and compelling customer experiences. At the same time, companies everywhere are prioritising data privacy, and try to minimise the use of third-party data. With its powerful and unique CDP and tag management solutions, Tealium skillfully reconciles the paradox of ‘privacy personalisation’ – and in doing so sets organisations up for long-term success.

Tealium consists of several modules:

  • Tealium iQ Tag Management
  • Tealium EventStream API Hub
  • Tealium AudienceStream

MultiMinds is a vendor-independent company. Which means we provide the right tools based on your needs, goals and current toolstack. In Tech stack tips, we break down the tools we like and use, so you can make an informed decision about implementing them.

“Wait, what’s a customer data platform again?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

How it works

The best customer experiences depend on trusted and unified data, delivered in real-time. Tealium’s best-in-class technology provides answers to today’s key challenges in data collection and activation:

  • How to make first-party data collection profitable and sustainable
  • How to improve data operations and efficiency with real-time engagement capabilities

With cutting-edge tools like Tealium iQ™ Tag Management and Tealium EventStream API Hub™, you’ll have everything you need to establish a universal data foundation, easily and flexibly manage your data supply chain, activate your data across channels, maximise data security and leverage data in real-time. From there, you’re just a few steps away from increasing customer loyalty and retention and realising your growth ambitions – all in a smart and sustainable way.

Tealium Customer Data Hub

Why we like Tealium


Simple data collection

Collecting data from multiple sources – web, mobile, IoT, you name it – is hard. But with Tealium, it all comes together. In one place. Literally. From there, you can easily activate and analyse data to create powerful customer experiences.


Guaranteed data quality & insightful integrations

With Tealium, you can monitor your data quality and ensure it’s trusted and ready to use. No single tool can do it all. Which is why we love Tealium’s industry-leading integration marketplace. Leverage the full power of your tool stack.


Privacy-first mindset

What can we say? We love tools that respect data privacy, help businesses establish a secure data foundation, and deliver value to boot.