What we do

Your company owns a wealth of untapped data – a goldmine of information that can help you improve processes, explore new revenue streams, and delight and attract customers. The problem: what exactly should you measure, and what do those numbers really mean? How can your newfound insights help create exceptional customer experiences? Our approach is based on four pillars that together form a solid foundation for tapping into the real value of your data.

Towards customer excellence

The MultiMinds team has developed an approach based on four pillars to help companies uncover the power of data and improve their customer experience.

Pillar - Culture & Strategy

1. Culture & Strategy

Gain a deeper understanding of your company's data maturity and culture, set your goals, and plot your way forward.

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Pillar - Collect & Connect

2. Collect & Connect

Set up the infrastructure and architecture needed for efficient data collection.

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Pillar - Insights & Intelligence

3. Insights & Intelligence

Acquire insights to improve segmentation and optimise performance.

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Pillar - Activation & Impact

4. Activation & Impact

Enable personalised experiences and recommendations, real-time analytics and one-to-one targeting.

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On-site training and coaching

Keep up with the fast-paced world of data insights and technology with our on-site training courses and coaching sessions. Explore a wealth of training materials available via our Innovation Lab, or get in touch to schedule an online or in-house training session.

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Our unique approach

As an independent partner we:

  • only look for solutions that suit your unique situation;
  • work closely with your team, in house or remotely;
  • provide no-nonsense insights and facts – we’ll give it to you straight;
  • are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Unlock the power of data in your organisation.