Activation & Impact

Take action to improve customer experience

Your organisation is likely collecting and storing terabytes of data. But if you don’t turn this information into insights and actions, all these efforts are virtually useless. Discover how to activate your newfound insights and improve your customer experience – and how we can help.

Optimise marketing touchpoints

Activating the right data helps improve the ways your users and customers interact with your business in numerous ways, for example, by enabling

  • higher degrees of personalisation: make sure that what you’re communicating to your users/customers is uniquely relevant to them.
  • a more user-friendly customer journey by detecting and ironing out the kinks.
  • cross-service interactions: let your users pick up where they left off, even between on- and offline touchpoints.

AI-powered data activation

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Thanks to advances in AI, many tasks previously done by humans are destined to be automated. In digital marketing, AI and machine learning already supercharge the possibilities for data-driven optimisation, by helping you find and cultivate valuable customers and deliver highly personalised experiences. A well-known example are recommendation engines, which help you improve customer retention and cart value through advanced machine learning models and customer and behavioural data.

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More opportunities to activate your data:

  • Predict churn: explore why your users are unsubscribing or dropping out of the customer journey – so you can prevent it from happening in the future.
  • Accurately assess the impact of certain actions or decisions while there is still an opportunity to change your course of action.
  • Automate your marketing processes, e.g. in the form of highly targeted drip campaigns, to foster engagement and help your marketing team save time.
  • Track your ROI based on rock-solid data models and well-defined KPI value attribution. Extrapolate your insights to other relevant fields.
  • Target your customers with personalised content and boost sales by leveraging the power of recommendation engines.
  • Valorise your data and explore new business models based on data.

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