Collect & Connect

Bridging theory and practise

Once you've identified your data needs and decided on a strategy, it’s time to turn theory into practice. Discover the different approaches and tools that will help in your journey towards insight-driven customer excellence.

To the drawing board: creating your unique solution design

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You’ve determined the right KPIs needed to achieve your goals. Now, how do you get the right data? This is where we connect the dots and we design a solution that will help turn data into insights and actions.

  • What your solution design will look like depends entirely on your organisation’s structure, goals, and needs. But it will always answer the most basic questions about the handling of data in your business: how your data is collected, integrated, enhanced, stored and distributed. In this way, we ensure that expectations are aligned and everyone is on the same page.
  • Custom integrations are sometimes needed to ensure efficient communication between your software tools and the data stack. Our team has extensive experience with APIs, allowing us to build bridges between solutions from different brands.
  • Data modelling is how we turn raw data into digestible and interpretable data sets. Together, we determine the value and weight of certain metrics and strive for consistency in naming conventions, semantics and security.
  • Every implementation project is different. That’s why our experienced professionals adapt to your unique way of working and the solutions that are already in place. We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach, even in highly technical projects.

We go for durable results

As your independent data partner, we look for solutions that fit your needs – not the tools we happen to be selling. That’s also why we prefer building upon your existing technology and/or software – as long as we can guarantee durable results.

Ready to turn theory into practise and realise your data ambitions?